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Takeout Cakes at 1867

Color your days with MGallery treats!

Visit our cake boutique at Lounge and Bar 1867 that our Pastry Chef Junji Kawaguchi and his team created beautiful and tasteful cut cakes, pound cakes and baked sweets which will be available as eat-in set (cut cakes only).


<Open Hours> 11:30 – 20:00
<Boutique> 1F Lounge & Bar 1867
<Reservation / Information > Lounge & Bar 1867
TEL +81 75 366 5800 / Email


<Cut Cakes>

(From the top left)
Mont-Blanc JPY 680
Tarte Saison JPY 650
Noix -Noir JPY 680

(From the bottom left)
Jasmin  JPY 650
Saint Honore Pistache   JPY 680
Opera Saturne  JPY 650


*Whole cakes also available (reservation only).


<Pound Cakes>

(From the left)
Pound Chocolat  JPY 1800
Pound Epis  JPY 1800
Citron Cake  JPY 1800


<Baked Sweets>

Assorted small box JPY 1900
Assorted big box   JPY 2900
*small boxes individually are also available (collection would vary daily).


*The prices are exclusive of 8% consumption tax.
*All the pictures are images and the menu would change without notice.


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