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Enjoy your surroundings as much as your time at the hotel. At KYOTO YURA HOTEL MGallery, you are within walking distance of many of the city’s main attractions and treasured UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Culture buffs will love the proximity to Kyoto’s top museums. The National Museum of Modern Art and the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art are just a 12-minute stroll away. They happen to be right next to the Kyoto City Zoo, for a spot of wildlife watching between paintings and sculptures. Fifteen minutes in the other direction will take you to Kyoto’s Museum of History, where permanent exhibitions explore and explain the city’s exciting past, from the 8th to the 20th century.

There are also many shrines nearby, each in honor of great gods from Japanese mythology. The Yasaka Shrine (a 14-minute walk from the hotel) honors Susano’o no Mikoto, the great god of storms and sea. A 20-minute ride on the Keihan Main Line takes you to Fushimi Inari, the Shinto shrine dedicated to Inari, god of rice, with 5,000 vermillion gates – a must-see during a visit to Kyoto. Heian Jingu, between the two art museums and not far from the zoo, is a relatively young shrine that contains the remains of Emperors Kanmu and Komei. According to feng-shui theory, they are guarded by four deities: Genbu (god of water), Seiryu (a blue dragon), Suzaku (a red phoenix,) and Byakko (a white tiger).

If you are interested in geisha culture, the place to visit is Gion, the traditional entertainment district of Kyoto. Here, geishas can be spotted hurrying through the streets from one appointment to another, or singing and dancing in traditional teahouses.

Shoppers will not be disappointed by KYOTO YURA HOTEL MGallery’s central location. From traditional markets to mega shopping centers, everything is nearby. At the intersection of Shijo and Kawaramachi streets are the department stores selling designer and high street brands. A 15-minute walk from the hotel is Nishiki market, a vibrant food market also known as Kyoto’s kitchen.

Kyoto is also known for its world-class restaurants, atmospheric bars, and crowded clubs. When a night out on the town is in view, we can recommend the best places to go in downtown Kyoto.


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